I was born in Budapest and graduated at the Budapest Teacher Training College (Budapesti Tanítóképző Főiskola) with a degree in applied arts and education.


As a teacher of the arts and crafts I find pleasure in the music, the movement and the painting which have a developing and therapeutic effect for the children I work with.

It is a give and take situation, what I bring to the classes comes back in unexpected forms. The expression of their untainted, child-like viewpoints is surprising to say the least, and reminds me of the art brut in myself, which has since guided my own creative production.


I allow my painting to flow like a stream, the collected energies of my life to break free: sometimes feelings and thoughts erupt in form and colours on the canvas or hardboard, surprising me with ever new shapes and designs. What you see then, are the landscapes of my soul, my private cities and the forests or flowers of my mind, feeling red or kind of blue.


Whatever I might have seen in any of my paintings - different people have read them in different ways. So, allow my work to take you through your life experience, follow your feelings and let your dreams run free, find your own title(s) for the painting(s) you like best, and in this way, enjoy the communion with my art as I enjoy the painting.